AIBO is discontinued!
So Where Can I Buy A Genibo Robot Dog?

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But I still have my AIBO, where can I get my AIBO Repaired ???

X-Dog and X-Wolf's INTERNATIONAL AIBO Repairs and DHS Fixes

Can now be found at



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I shall build this site up with some decent albums and information in the near future, but for now, here are some quick links. 
Please note that all images of dogs shown here are copyright of me.  They are not to be reproduced or used elsewhere without the expressed written  permission of the dog owner or myself..

OK, for starters, here are some links to my own dogs. 

NEWS ... November 2006 ... I am lucky enough to have Levi come to live with Solo and me.
Levi is a lovely dog, and is a direct son of my old dog Denim (see further down the page)
Pictures of my current two dogs may be found here ...
Pictures of Levi and Solo (I hope this album format works, this is the first time I have tried it)
In case the full album does not work on your browser, here are Levi and Solo (sorry they are wet, will do some 'staged' images soon, all nice and fluffy)...

Click any one of the pictures below to view the 'Levi and Solo Walk in the Park' Photo Album


Sadly Wolf (my  'Solid Blue - or black looking dog) died in May of 2006. 
However, here in memory of such a great dog are some of his pictures, along with one of my current dogs, Solo, the long coated white GSD.
Pictures of Wolf and Solo

Another of my dogs, sadly departed on Valentines Day 2004 is Denim. 
Denim is Levi's dad.  He was a huge GSD, but with one of the nicest natures you could ever hope to meet.
Everybody who knew him adored him.  He is still, and will always be,  greatly missed.


OK, for those of you looking for Frances' dogs ... here are some easy links.
A general 'album' with some images of various dogs.

Pictures of Cody, a wonderful type Bi Colour GSD bitch ...

Pictures of my favourite Puppy (at about 9-10 weeks) ...
Blaze (but he is grown up now)